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Spirit of Racing

Dear Ladies in Racing Magazine readers,

We would like to wish all our readers the absolute best of health during these unprecedented times.

Our thoughts continue to be with the entire population of our beloved country and our global community, through this widely feared COVID-19 situation.

Like many organisations, the impact of COVID-19, plus the recent natural disasters and severe weather events have had a major impact on Racing events plus most of our Advertisers.

We have made the difficult decision to place Ladies in RACING Issue # 36 in hibernation until the social distancing rules are lifted, when Clubs are once again allowed by Racing Administrators for the public to attend race meetings and social events.

We apologise for our action and we are working diligently to ensure we are there for you, so we are bringing to you a new innovation regularly delivered directly into your inbox. This will be a New Digital Magazine called the Spirit of RACING.

Subscription to the Spirit of RACING is FREE and all readers will receive their correct number of copies of the printed magazine when restrictions are lifted.

Please tell all of your friends they can sign up at to receive Spirit of RACING.  PDF Attached.

This is a challenging time for the many millions of people all over the world. We believe we have a shared responsibility to be proactive, by doing our part to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 in our community.

All of our team at Ladies in RACING Magazine sincerely hopes that everybody stays safe and in good health.  Health is Wealth.



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