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My Day At the Track

So, you’ve booked in your trip to the track over the Spring. How exciting! If you’ve never been before, you’re in for a real treat. If you’re a seasoned pro, you know the drill, but I thought I’d let you in on how I do a race day, from start to finish. And yes, it’s a big day!

If I’m racing on a weekday, like Melbourne Cup, my day will begin with the glorious sounds of my alarm screeching at 3.45am. Yay! Delightful! My job hosting the Triple M Grill Team in Sydney never stops, even for the ‘race that stops the nation’TM. So first job of the day is heading into the studio to do our three hour breakfast radio show. I absolutely love it. During that time, if I get a spare little moment, I’ll go through the form guide and get all the latest news about the runners for that day. I want to be fully prepared!

After the show at 9am, I race back to my hotel to get ‘glammed up’. I’m incredibly lucky that my sister is a seriously talented hair and makeup artist. Georgia will come over and help transform me from a drab to fab in the next 90mins, before slipping into my outfit, carefully securing my hat to my head and sliding on those heels for the rest of the day. Ouch!

It’s then off to the track! Working with Lexus is a dream job during the Carnival. They will zip me to the track in one of their lovely vehicles, before the mayhem begins!

From there, it’s hosting the Lexus Design Pavilion with an array of amazing guests, heading up to the mounting yard to take in the parades, meeting other racing friends and family, as well as numerous media commitments through the day with TV, radio, online and print. It’s pretty full on! Especially if my family has a runner in a big race – I seem to feel those nerves just as much as the team directly involved.

At about 6pm, the day is starting to wind down on course, and it’s time to see my friends who have undoubtedly had a great day too! I love going out to dinner after a big day working at the races; it’s my time to wind down, have a feed and a drink with those who mean the most to me. If we’re celebrating a win – it’s even more exciting!

I love heading to the Stokehouse in St Kilda with a group. The food is fresh and delicious, I can get a great glass of wine and take in the calming surrounds of St Kilda beach. It’s got a great vibe after a race day.

After dinner, chances out my mates will want to hit the town, but sadly for me it’s bed time. Work the next day must roll on and sleep is so important for staying sharp. So it’s off to sleep to dream about another great day racing. The next day may involve writing articles, recording some stuff for Channel Nine, or hosting an event, as well as the morning show on radio.

There’s no doubt this time of year is action packed and sometimes doing so many different commitments can get a little stressful. I have to take care of myself (particularly my voice – I’m prone to losing it), but I also try and ensure I’m really enjoying it all. It’s a month of madness. Magical madness. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


Image credit Jim Lee.


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