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Hey Australia! Its time to “Buy Another Bale”

Ladies in RACING Magazine proudly supports “Buy Another Bale”.Hey Australia! Its time to “Buy Another Bale”.Over the past 2 months we’ve been talking with councils farmers and other rural support people about the need for hay. We’ve come to the conclusion that NOW is the time to move hay and so we’ve committed to a plan to move 80 trailers before Christmas based upon need.

The simplicity of “Buy a Bale” is that all we ask Australian’s to do is buy a virtual bale online we’ll purchase it from a hay farmer and then deliver it for free to farmers in need. We’ve secured over 4000 bales for this campaign so we’re ready to go.

Where will all this hay be going? We’ve had requests from all drought declared areas of Qld (see map below) and this area marked with dots of NSW.

The latest QLD drought map puts it in perspective for us all. The bottom left-hand corner has been in drought now for 52 months straight that’s over 4 years.

So can you help us again? If so we’ve got a number of ways you can.

Donate online at
Start your own fundraising campaign to cover a truck load
Order our truck poster and stickers (like the one below) for your workplace
Order a donation barrel
For $500 your company can part sponsor a truck load
Share our story and facebook page with friends and family
Schools – hold a Gold Coin day for farmers how many bales your school can buy?

Every donation towards a truckload will be added to a hay trips page where your name will be displayed (if you approve) you can view photos of the bales see the farmers collecting their hay and read about the day and the effect the hay and our services means to the farmers. See the Miles Qld page here.

So a BIG BIG Thank You will be coming your way

Check out these recent articles to understand just how bad things are again.

Far west NSW graziers destock as dry season presses on

Wet to dry in 12 months: After record June rain last year worried farmers look to skies for more

For every one year of drought it takes 3 years to recover. Since 2000 there have only been 3 or 4 good years so our farmers will need our help for a long time yet.


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