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5 Must Haves Eye Makeup Products

Are you a makeup obsessed? Especially an eye makeup obsessed? Confused between what to choose for your eye makeup collection? You are at the right place. Here are some amazing must have eye makeup product listed for you in order to achieve polished look.

Under Eye concealer:

Dark under eye gives everything away like aging, dehydration, excessive alcohol consumption or not enough sleep. An under eye concealer is a peachy undertone concentrated pigment which works as a part time color corrector, eye primer and concealer. This is definitely a must have product because it not only brightens your under eye area but also smooths fine lines and helps in covering and redness or skin breakouts near eye area. Other than this you can use it as highlighter on your cheek and brow bones in emergency purposes.


Tinted Brow gel:

Eye brow gels are essential for achieving perfect eyebrows. It looks similar to mascara tube with clear or tinted gels and is to give your eyebrows a final touch. They serve purpose of hair spray setter for your eyebrows to make them stay at place. If you are using clear gel then fill your eye brows with a pencil and then set your eyebrows in place with brow gel. Or if you want natural fuller looking eyebrows without using eye pencil go for tinted eyebrow gels. They contain microfibers that add volume to your eyebrows. 

Double ended eye pencil:

I always try to pick makeup items that are friendly to your pocket and serves as a multipurpose product. Double ended eyeliner can not only save your money buying different color eyeliners but it makes carrying different colors easy at the same time. For more natural, wide open and bigger eyes you can use white eyeliner to tight line your lower lash line. However you can use black liner to outline your eyelids and tight line your upper eyelids for fuller looking lashes.


Who does not wants to wear lush lashes; they have always been eye’s most vital asset. The basic mascara recipe is however same for past years. But peeps nowadays try new colors to go bold. Similarly as the color of mascara changes so the new varieties of mascara brushes are introduced. I have come across tubing mascara which works perfect for me and I believe it can do same for you. Tubing mascara’s brush is made up of flexible polymers that not only covers your eye lashes but creates tube around your lashes to give them “360 degree coverage”.

Eye shadow palette:

Eyeshadow can make or break your overall makeup look so it is really important to know which shades you must choose and how to apply them for perfect eye statement. I will recommend you to select a palette with warm and bright colors both because such palettes help you to go natural as well as to create dramatic statement when needed.

These are few eye makeup essentials according to my eye makeup routine. Reply in the comments section what are yours.

Author Bio:

Juliet is a beauty blogger who loves trying out new makeup and beauty products.  She loves coffee and sushi, and in her free time she likes listening to pop music. Juliet believes in having gratitude for everything in life.

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