Wil Valor Wedding Suit Masterclass:  Tuesday 4 December

In breaking news, the modern wedding is now about the suit! The groom’s suit and that of his groomsmen and crew are major considerations. And since Australia said YES, weddings are so hot right now! So, there’s  no more standing in the shadows gentlemen – your time to shine at the alter is now. Terrified? Don’t be…. with over 3,500 wedding suits under his custom-made cuff, Mark Ferguson, director of bespoke gentleman’s tailor and fashion curator, Wil Valor, knows a thing or two about tying the knot in style and on Tuesday next week, he’s prepared to share!

The Wil Valor Wedding Suit Master Class will be held on Tuesday 4 December at Wil Valor in Brisbane Quarter. And it’s open to grooms and partners and brides to alike!

“I created and developed the Wedding Suit Master Class to help grooms-to-be to navigate the journey of finding the perfect suit for their dream wedding. There’s so much information online for grooms-to-be and I found many of my clients were confused and had similar questions when it came to finding a wedding suit. Shopping for a wedding suit should be fun, so to make the process less overwhelming for grooms-to-be, I created an easy to digest master class that uncovers all the options available while sharing some of the latest style trends,” says Mark.

The Wil Valor Wedding Suit Master Class will share insight into:

  • The difference between Hire, Off the Rack, Made-to-Measure Bespoke: Each option has its advantages and disadvantages and it’s important as a groom you know the difference.
    • For instance, hiring a suit is probably your least expensive route, costing as little as $200. However, the downside is the fit isn’t going to be anywhere near perfect, and you’ll discover that the selection of styles and colours is somewhat limited.
    • The next option would be to purchase an off the rack suit – while slightly more expensive, you’ll get to wear it multiple times and you’ll have access to a wide variety of brands, styles and colours. The downside, the fit still won’t be perfect, and you may end up spending a bit of time going from store to store searching for the right suit.
    • Finally, dress to impress with a tailor made suit. On the upper end, a tailor-made suit can cost as much as $3,000, but starts from at the reasonable price of $1500. You’ll get a custom fit, along with personalised services from an expert. And, a bespoke tailored suit means your suit is one-of-a-kind and you won’t see anyone else wearing the same suit as you.
  • When is the right time to go suit shopping for a seamless and stress-free experience?
  • Find out exactly what you need to know before you start suit shopping.
  • Don’t want a suit, no problem! There are plenty of alternatives.
  • From formal to semi-formal, afternoon to evening, when is a bow tie appropriate?
  • From black tie to casual, wedding dress code explained.
  • What are the different level of dress and what is appropriate for your wedding
  • Who pays? How to work out if and what your groomsmen contribute.
  • Current colour and style trends for 2019.
  • What makes the perfect fit?

An informative and practical evening, grooms-to-be are encouraged to bring along their partner and/or best man as Mark Ferguson shares inside knowledge into the wedding industry and showcases the latest looks and trends for 2019.

The Wil Valor Wedding Suit Masterclass

Tuesday 4 December at 6:30pm

2/300 George Street, Brisbane Quarter

Register online at https://www.wilvalor.com.au/wedding-service/wedding-suit-master-class/

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