There comes a time in all Field Fashionista’s lives where you are presented with the task of travelling with your precious cargo – your hats!

Once a year I travel to Melbourne for Spring Carnival and as I usually like to attend all three days it means I need 3 hats, and 3 hat boxes. I have struggled the last two years with taking hats on board the plane.

One year I had 2 hat boxes and was told I was only allowed to carry on one box. So what did I do? I tied the 2 boxes together and it seemed to pass the test … which was weird.

Then last year after worrying about taking 3 hat boxes, 2 of which were slightly large, I asked if my friend’s mum who was also going to Melbourne if she would mind taking one of the hats for me.

For the 2 remaining hats I decided if I wasn’t allowed to take both boxes on-board, I would simply wear one of the hats on my head and look silly on the plane.

In the end they didn’t even question the 2 hat boxes, so I have come to the conclusion that it really comes down to who is working at the check-in counter on the day and if they are in a good mood.

To avoid the hat gamble this year, I recently asked all the wonderful ladies in our Facebook Group how they overcome travelling with hats.

Here are their top 5 travel hacks:

Travel Hack #1 – Mail It

Post them by courier, Fastway or Toll a couple of weeks prior to a friend’s place who lives in the area for safe keeping until you arrive. If you don’t know anyone who lives in the area, see if someone in the FB group would be willing to receive it for you.

Make sure it’s a thick, sturdy box and cover it in FRAGILE tape and pack your hats in lots of bubble wrap. Try keep the parcel weight under 1kg, which may mean sending your hats in separate parcels, so they don’t charge you according to its cubic weight equivalent

Travel Hack #2 – Hard Case Carry-On Suitcase

Invest in a hard case carry on suitcase. This is something I’ve been meaning to   buy for a while now and it would certainly put my mind at ease knowing the hats can’t get squished in there.

Travel Hack #3 – Collapsible Hat Box

Take your hats in collapsible cardboard hat boxes. Once you are on the plane, collapse the boxes and store them in the over head locker and hang your hats in the front mesh of the chair infront or on your lap.

Travel Hack #4 – Hard Case Check-In Suitcase

If you aren’t restricted by number of check-in bags, take a big hard case suitcase and put your hat box inside it and take a separate suitcase for your clothes, etc.

Travel Hack #5 – Beware of Taxi Drivers

Don’t think that just because you got your hat safely on and off the plane and through the scanning machines that you are safe! Watch out for heavy handed taxi drivers who won’t think twice about stacking a heavy suitcase on top of your delicate hat box. Hold your hatbox on your lap during the taxi ride. 

If you have any other travel hacks just hit reply and I’ll add them to the list 🙂

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P.s. If you’re looking to rent or buy a hat for your next race event, you should check out Millinery Market, the world’s first online marketplace for millinery! You’ll even find some of my own hats on their that you can hire 😉


Re-posted with permission, article written by Milano 


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